Plogging – Jogging and collecting waste with Audi Environmental Foundation

The term plogging combines the Swedish word “plocka upp” (=pick up) and “jogging”. Jogging and collecting trash. The Audi Environmental Foundation regularly organizes such cleanups.

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plogging mit herz

Plogging: Ramadama Prize 2019 and 2022!

The idea is to collect trash lying along the running track while jogging and then dispose of it properly at the end of the jogging session. Plogging combines active environmental protection with physical exercise and the opportunity to meet new people and to do good things together. A positive side effect: there is less waste along running tracks, roads and forest paths!

Plogging event awarded with “Ramadama” prize

With round about a dozen plogging events carried out so far, all participants made a great contribution to the cleanliness of Ingolstadt’s paths and popular jogging routes. In November 2019 this campaign was awarded the 2019 “Ramadama” prize by Ingolstadt’s municipal authorities. 

Ploggers free running tracks from garbage
Runners and collectors: The ploggers free popular running tracks from trash.

Numerous plogging events once again this year

Eventhough Corona is still restricting big events together, there are many plogging events this year, too. Everyone can chose a track to clean up alone or with their families. All participants meet virtually to come together and talk about their experience. This way they can connect and still be a team, even if it’s from different locations. Dates will be announced here in time. Registration is requested. All interested people are invited, no matter whether you are an Audi employee.

Dates and registration for plogging

  • October 10th, 2023, in Ingolstadt
  • Start 4:30 p.m. (Meeting places to be announced)
  • Registration by email to – subject line: „Plogging – ich bin dabei!“

Jogging and collecting trash – trendy sport
Symbiosis of movement and environmental protection: Joggers collect trash by the wayside as part of the trendy sport of plogging.

Past “PloggMIT!” events

We have already completed nearly a dozen “PloggMIT!” events with numerous motivated runners and have thus been able to do something good for ourselves and the environment. This year alone, plogging has already been held six times in a hybrid format by the Audi Environmental Foundation, meaning a small covid-compliant team and virtually participating joggers.


Since no face-to-face meeting was allowed, the participants digitally connected via a teams-conference and started together in the virtual group, exchanging their impressions live and motivating each other. Even whole families were on their way and during the video conference you could hear and see the enthusiasm of the young and elder environmental protectors. Many reported that they regularly collect waste while jogging or walking. With their filled bright red garbage bags, “ploggers” attract attention and remind passengers and pedestrians not to leave their rubbish carelessly, but to dispose it in a correct way. Maybe they even motivate others to collect waste on their next walk.

Plogging with FC Ingolstadt and Audi BKK

Plogging with FC Ingolstadt and Audi BKK

Another highlight this year was the plogging event together with the FC Ingolstadt 04 and the Audi BKK. In this composition it became clear that plogging is more than active environmental protection. Plogging involves collecting trash and thus keeping the environment clean. Each plogger also actively does something for himself and his health: running – stopping – bending – stretching – lifting – so a real little workout! If the whole thing also takes place in a good-humored team, the event is perfect!

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