10 years for nature conservation and biodiversity: Audi Environmental Foundation

The United Nations declared years 2011 to 2020 to be the UN Decade of Biodiversity. The Audi Environmental Foundation is also committed to nature conservation and biological diversity with many projects during this decade.

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Biological diversity is necessary for the survival of humanity and our planet

We need it for food, medicines, and drinking water, to name just a few things. Apart from that, many technical inventions are oriented toward it. But what exactly is biodiversity? It comprises species of plants and animals, their habitats, and genetic variations within the species. These three areas are closely connected and mutually influence each other. Apart from that, the soil, climate, and water conditions also play a significant role.

Special mission in the area of environmental education

The effects of the loss of biodiversity also as a result of climate change can be felt even in Germany. With each species that goes extinct, we irretrievably lose unique resources and livelihood. It’s high time to do something about it. Which is why the Audi Environmental Foundation has been committed to species conservation since the start of the UN decade. This involved starting numerous projects in long-term and trusting cooperation with Artenschutz in Franken, a group of volunteer conservationists. Their express goal is to make a contribution toward the conservation of species, their habitats and ecosystems.

Thus, the constant focus is on combining environmental education with future-oriented, innovative concepts and modern technology. 

Convincing with more information

Species and nature conservation can work only if the relationships are understood. Humanity should find a way toward landscape and nature and give it some thought. The approach of the sponsored projects is to inspire people’s fascination with nature. Then, they will recognize for themselves why it is worth protecting.

The Audi Environmental Foundation has been supporting biological diversity and nature conservation since it was founded

It is not without reason that biological diversity was and is a topic of particular concern and passion for the Audi Environmental Foundation. Since the foundation was founded in 2009, it has made its contribution toward conserving biological diversity with numerous sponsored projects. Many projects were awarded as projects of the UN Decade of Biodiversity.

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