Bee Colonies Move in at Audi Sites

In recent years, there has been a dramatic depletion of bee populations. There are many reasons for this. The reasons include the increase in numbers of varroa mites in beehives, a lack of food supply or the increasing use of pesticides. In addition, there is a lack of young beekeepers, who can take on this problem.

05/03/2011 Reading Time: 1 min

Eight new bee colonies in Max Emanuel Park

This project should generate interest in the topic of beekeeping and give young beekeepers the skills to take on the task of keeping and caring for honey bees, if required. For this purpose, a new location for has been established for eight bee colonies in the Max Emanuel Park in collaboration with the Kösching Beekeeping Association and the Schrobenhausen Beekeepers Association. The establishment of the area together with the permanent care of the bee colonies has been transferred by the clubs to two hobby beekeepers. Both of them work full-time in AUDI AG Technical Development and, as initiators of the project, perform this activity in an honorary capacity. This also includes training activities and guided tours of the apiary.

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